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AdCom8 supports the #ProudToLove movement and the Supreme Courts decision to allow same-sex marriages nationwide. We have always supported the LGBT community and gender equality. Naysayers will always have their voice, but why would we stop people from living the same lives as everyone else. We support the decision because it will allow everyone to get the same rights under the law that opposite sex married people enjoy (go higher standard deductions! [that was for our accountants]) as well as having the same death rights. It is far too common that same sex partners are not entitled to next of kin rights, and some states do not even allow partners to see each other in hospitals in certain scenarios because they are not related.


America has always had a long standing battle between sexes, races, and genders. We have always overcome it. We overcame women’s voting rights, racism, slavery, and gender bias at home and in the workplace. Walmart has decided to pull confederate flagged items from their store shelves, and Gay and Lesbian people all over the country can now get married. This might make some of our clients unhappy, but we take the stand of equality over money. We employ men and women of all races, religions, and biases, and we are very proud of that. Should any of our clients decide they no longer wish to work with us because of this, please call our client care at (877) 712-3266 and we would be happy to cancel your account. As you know, we don’t have any contracts, but if this is your reason, we wish you well and take care.

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Milad started AdCom8 in January 2015 with the goal of driving the digital marketing industry in a new and better direction. He is a dedicated father and husband and enjoys traveling.

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