5 Must Know SEO Tips For 2016

Must Know SEO 2016

When you run a business that wants to attract a local customer base, local search engine optimization is vital for your growth. Local SEO, when done correctly, is an effective tactic that helps people in your region find you more often on search engines.

Be Mobile Or Be Gone

Mobile-friendly websites are no longer optional. Mobile searches have already exceeded desktop computer searches all over the globe. Mobile friendliness, in fact, is a serious ranking consideration when trying to rank a business on Google. Giving people a great mobile user experience means making more users convert and generating more profits.

There is great opportunity to make shopping on your mobile site a unique experience. Mobile-only coupons and promotions can keep users returning to your responsive website. Your first move in 2016 should be to create the best possible mobile user experience for your potential customers in your marketplace.

Accurate Name, Address, and Phone Number

Some directory citations can be free. Others, like those maintained by Yext or similar providers are a paid service. No matter how you are publishing yourself online make certain that the results you are seeing after publishing are completely identical.

If there is one standard that we have learned over the years, is that search engines trust accurate and uniformly published data. You can use a business directory scanning tool to see how your business show up across many common directories.

Direct Data for Local SEO

The onset of “direct data” in search engine results pages (SERPs) means that a company trying to brand themselves online needs to provide more detailed and rich information about what they offer in order to get a front page slot with Google. Direct data is the granular pieces of data that appear with business listings within search engine data.

One good example is, if you search for pizza near you results will provide you with location data, their best phone number, prices, and other details that consumers want to know before making a purchase. This additional data raises visibility, and that’s important for businesses with a single location and franchises with many locations.

Great User Experience Is A Must

A potential customer’s decision to purchase (or not) will boil down to the entire user experience from click-to-close. You can be in total control of the customer experience provided by your website and you need to be. This means that your online branded presence has to be clear, consistent, and exceed your competition’s to capitalize on the highest conversion ratios possible.

Voice Search Is On The Rise

Alongside the growth of mobile users searching comes with a greater usage of voice commanded search. Many more people are using this feature on their mobile devices to locate the business, product, or service they desire.

Some people use voice search to help them multi-task (say, while taking a morning walk), and many others find it’s just quicker and easier to speak into their device rather than type their search. Either way, the change toward voice search means that businesses have to optimize their websites to hook these consumers. This means shifting your keyword phrases to voice command search-friendly phrases.

What Can You Do Now to Improve Your Local SEO?

In 2016, local search engine optimization (SEO) is going to be driven more on the mobile side of marketing than before. The younger your target customer is, the more they are shopping online. But that doesn’t mean that your older customers are not doing the same thing.

A recent study by Google stated that about half of consumers will visit a business the same day they run a search for it.

Once you identify your website’s weak points, you may need to get some technical help to get it changed around. While some business owners like to roll up their sleeves and dig into SEO, others think it’s impossible to self complete a strong campaign. Whether you do it on your own or hire an expert here at AdCom8, there is one certainty for 2016 – you won’t be able to ignore search engines or their impact on new local business available for your company.

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    1. Thank you, we’re glad you found them useful! If you could add anything to this list, what would it be?

  1. This is very informative. These tips helped to improve my website ranking. So thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Very well said article! There are loads of helpful information gathered here.This has really helped me out. I believe that more and more users are accessing your websites from their mobile devices if it is user friendly and responsive and if your website lacks responsiveness, user will get annoyed and leave the website.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Vince! You’re right on point, and we totally agree that your site must provide a great mobile experience in order to succeed. If the user ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! And there is no faster way to make users unhappy than to ignore their internet use trends which tell us mobile is a must. Do you have any tips that we might have missed, Vince?

  3. Glad you put mobile as your first tip, so important now after recent changes. With regards to direct data for local are you talking about Schema or something else? Great article by the way.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Nathan! I believe Anthony was referring to structured markup—Schema, just like you mentioned. Mobile is a major point that many websites are still not up to speed with. As internet browsing and search habits trend toward mobile, having a great mobile user experience is no longer an option.

  4. Huge value here in this article. Many have overlooked the power of voice search in search engines as well as mobile friendly websites. Great to know others are starting to pick up on this powerful tip.

    1. Thanks, Roger! The younger generations are quickly taking to voice search. Tailoring keywords to reflect how someone would speak them, as opposed to typing them, will give your SEO an edge in the coming years.

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