Google Maintains 64% Share of US Desktop Search Rankings

Google seach market share

Google and Ask each drop 1/10 of a percentage point in comScore’s monthly rankings of the domestic search engine market. For the second consecutive month, there was little change in comScore’s US desktop search engine rankings. Google, still the overwhelming leader with a 64% market share, and Ask, with less than 2% share, each lost 1/10 of a percentage point between May and June.

Microsoft Bing (20.3%), Yahoo (12.7%) and AOL (1.2%) all showed no monthly change in the rankings, which measure explicit core searches.


ComScore reported 17.5 billion explicit core searches were conducted in June in the US, down from 18.2 billion in May. Google’s total was 11.2 billion. Bing had 3.6 billion, followed by Yahoo with 2.2 billion, Ask Network with 301 million and AOL with 202 million.

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