The Ultimate Content Creation Strategy For Small Businesses

Content creation strategy
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Content generation is one of the best ways to ensure that your company website ranks organically in search results. With organic search results driving nearly 70% of website traffic, content generation is becoming more of a requirement and less of an option if you expect your business to succeed online.

Content creation is powerful

Greater numbers of consumers are using search engines to buy products or find businesses to patronize. In fact, a recent report by SimilarWeb found that search drives 10x more traffic to make a purchase than social media.

This is not to say social media isn’t important. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact, as you’ll read in the fourth article of this series—Publication and Distribution.

This is to say that your SMB will find much greater success online (and specifically in search results) if you have a defined, documented, and functional content strategy.

One of the primary purposes of a content strategy is to make your business more visible online and increase your position as an authority in your market or niche.

But what about PPC advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising takes on many forms, from Google AdWords ads to Facebook ads and many others. These can effectively drive qualified traffic if done properly—they can also be a massive drain on resources if they are not.

So, why should you focus on driving organic clicks instead of PPC? For a few reasons, including:

  • PPC ads aren’t as consistent as organic results
  • Organic traffic doesn’t cost anything
  • Improving organic ranking can take time but you’ll reap long-term benefits
  • 86% of web searchers trust organic links over paid listings (mic drop)
  • 85% of clicks on search results are generated by organic listing (mic drop #2)

The long-term benefits of showing up in organic search results are numerous. For one, consistently showing up for keywords related to your product or service will establish you as an authority on that topic.There is no better feeling that being the go-to guy/gal for your area of expertise.

There is no better feeling that being the go-to guy/gal for your area of expertise, and content generation is one step towards achieving that.

So what does this mean for you?
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Immediately increase your visibility

One of the most effective ways of boosting your visibility is to maintain a blog on your website. Consistently publishing good content has a number of benefits, including:

  • It will get your website reindexed more often by search engines
  • Search engines will have more pages indexed and available
  • It gives people a reason to keep coming back
  • It establishes you as a source of knowledge in your industry

In this series, Content Generation For Your SMB, you’ll find an easy to follow 5-step system to make the content generation process more manageable.

You’ll learn tips and technology that will help you build and refine a system that is perfectly suited generate growth and profitability through content generation.

Core principals of content generation

For a business to run effectively and efficiently, systems must be devised to make sure work flows smoothly. This also applies to your content generation.

The content generation system can be broken down into five manageable phases, or core principals:

  • Research
  • 1st Draft
  • Editing & Design
  • Publication & Distribution
  • Analysis

By breaking the process down this way, you’ll find that the process is much more manageable that you may have previously thought.

Research phase introduction

In order to produce great content, you have to have great topics to write about. Thankfully, there are tons of resources for conducting research and collecting topics that are of interest to your customers.

Tap into these resources and gather actionable information like questions or complaints from them, and you’ll have plenty of topics to cover in your blog.

To do this, you can start by looking at forums related to your industry. If you don’t know of any, try searching Google for “[Industry name] forum” and see what you can dig up. You can also look to social media, review sites (Yelp, Home Advisor, etc.), and similar platforms to see what consumers in your industry are saying.

In conclusion

By creating and maintaining a defined content generation process, you’re setting your business up for massive success online.Don’t be discouraged if you write an article, search Google for it, and it doesn’t show up.

Don’t be discouraged if you write an article, search Google for it, and it doesn’t show up. This process takes an investment of time and effort, but that investment will pay off with interest in the long run.

Have you created content for your company blog in the past? What were the results of that effort? Post your thoughts and comments in the replies below.

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